File Sharing

The easiest way to share folders and files of any type or size – with one person or many

  • Easily share files of any size or type
  • Instantly grant, revoke and manage file sharing permissions – so you know exactly who has access to what
  • Allow your clients direct access to designated files and folders
  • Get information to the people who need it – fast
  • Avoid sending large attachments or multiple files via email that may bounce or be rejected

Our easy to use tool solves all of your file sharing issues.  Call us today on 07971 963352 to see how we can help you.

“It’s great that myself and my team have everyday access to all the folders and files we need on our laptops, but if we are at a client’s or suppliers we can easily gain access via any web-enabled device – one of the best business tool investments I’ve made!.”

Kaia Vincent, Brevity Marketing